2012 Fitness Resolution

Wow, it is already the new year, have you made your 2012 Fitness Resolution?

There are many types of resolutions that you can make, but one of the most important to keep is the one for your fitness and health.  Many people will make a 2012 fitness resolution, only to find that the next family dinner out, they blow it. 2012 Fitness Resolution Or, perhaps there is a strong commitment to lose 10 lbs.

Or perhaps, it is to get back to the gym 3 times a week…  Whatever it is, how are you going to keep this commitment?  Can you keep a 2012 Fitness Resolution?

Let me share with you my story.  I had just passed my mid 40’s and was weighing in at a wopping 270 lbs.!  Urrghhh!!   For many years I made promises to myself that I would lose the weight.  Then about two years ago, I suffered a dog bite.  I went to the hospital and they took a blood test and did all the usual precautionary things.  Well the blood test indicated extremely high blood sugar and my doctor diagnosed me with Diabetes (type 2).  I was really shocked!  I always considered myself healthy (despite the weight).  This was a true wake up call.   I was given a set of pills to take and sent on my way.   So common in America – take a pill and don’t get better.

I vowed to myself that I would not remain in this condition.  But, I didn’t know what to do.  Then I ran across a couple of references to a program called Crossfit.  If you don’t know what Crossfit is, it is a method of working out that includes constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movements.

You push – you pull.  You lift – you lower.  It is a set of uncommonly, common sense workouts. Each day is different, so you never get bored.  It is high intensity, so you get a complete workout in only 20 to 30 minutes.  It is functional in its effect in that you work out all areas of your body and all the micro-muscles, so that you gain muscle and burn fat.

In May of 2011, I Google’d it and found a couple of local gyms in my area.  I went to the one that looked like the more basic and not so fancy.  I didn’t expect much.  Well I received a complete surprise.   It was a pretty amazing place.   The trainer gave me a run down, I scheduled an intro session and went.

I began into the routine of the WODs (Workout of the Day) with a commitment to myself of going at least 3 times each week.  I found that I needed a day off between WODs.  Now we are in December and I find that while it is nice to have that day off, I no longer need it.   So there I went, joining in on all the different WODs; the Frans, the  Helens, the Hero’s workouts.  Throwing and lifting Medicine Balls, warming up each time with Kettlebells, jumping on boxes.  First at 10″, then at 12″, then at 16″, then at 20″, until finally I am at the prescribed box size of 24″.

So in six months have I made progress?  Well from the size of the box jumps, I have.  But more importantly, I have begun a body transformation that has included losing 20 lbs and having my prescriptions cut in half.  I’m not there yet, but I am on my way.   I am looking forward to continuing this fitness evolution.  I know I am only starting, but I can’t believe how good I feel, how alert I am, how my body is starting to look like a fit person should.

My 2012 Fitness Resolution

Okay, my 2012 Fitness Resolution is

  • I will continue to get to the gym and do my WODs three or four times each week
  • I will follow a Zone Diet structure with every meal I eat
  • I will be off all my meds by April 2012
  • I will be down to 225 lbs by May 2012 (over 230 is considered obese for a man 6′ tall – I’ll simply be a fit, overweight man!)

Your 2012 Fitness Resolution

So what is your 2012 Fitness Resolution?  Are you going to become fit, or are you going to remain the same?  Make a commitment in such a way that it is easy to recover.  Don’t just commit to going to the gym.  Rather make a commitment to go to the gym 4 times a week.  Then if you hit 3 times, you have success and you can recommit for the next week.  I think that too many 2012 Fitness Resolution goals will be broken, if they are not set in a way that you can get back up from failure.  Missing one WOD, or having one bad meal will not break your resolution.  But each time you do miss, recommit.   Bottom line, set your goal in small chunks, such as weekly or daily commitments.  Then you are sure to make your bigger goal.

Comment below and publicly post your 2012 Fitness Resolution goals!  Then next year come back and see how you did!

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