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After working out with Crossfit™ for a while, we realized that there are many people who need help selecting crossfit equipment for their workouts at home, work or other unofficial gym.   Many people belong to a  Crossfit™ “Box” or gym.  But there are a number of people who do not.  They follow the Workouts of the Day or WODs everyday on or as posted by their local Box.   Following these workouts requires that you sometimes need crossfit equipment to perform the prescribed sets of movements.
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These people pursuing Crossfit™ maybe from our active service military personnel, firefighters, police, or ordinary people who are setting up your own home gym. As such, we have put together to provide top notch fitness equipment and other resources.

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We have partnered with to provide you with name brand Crossfit Equipment at the best possible prices. In doing so, we are able to provide you with user reviews of the Crossfit Equipment, books, or other items you need. Use these reviews to your advantage in finding the best Crossfit equipment for your needs.

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  • Cardio Equipment such as Rowing Machines, Bikes, and other related items
  • Weight Training Equipment – Things like Benches, weights, Kettlebells, Weight Racks, Free Weights and other items
  • Body Weight Exercise Equipment such as Pull-up Bars, Ab Mats, Jump Ropes, Climbing Bars, Climbing Ropes, and more
  • Gymnastics Equipment for you to train on, including Lat Machines, Rings, Bars, etc.
  • Apparel for your next WOD, including key items such as Shoes, Mens and Womens workout clothes, and workout Gloves
  • Videos – Various training videos, including P90x, and Insanity.  You will also find various Crossfit™ videos throughout the site as well.
  • Books – We have a library of Crossfit and related books for you to choose from

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Crossfit™ Videos

We will post various Crossfit videos here from time to time to encourage you to continue your pursuit of fitness.

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Crossfit Equipment: What to Watch Out For!

1. Durability
One of the top priorities in searching out gear for your workout is to ensure it will last. There are many products out there that do not perform. These should be avoided. We have tried to filter out the items that either had bad reviews or are clearly inferior. Should you run across any on this site, please either comment on the product’s page or send us a note. We want your Crossfit equipment to last!

2. Suitability to purpose
Take a look at what it is your are going to be using the Crossfit Equipment for. What movements and what level of use will this item get? Make sure that you are buying the most suitable item for your need, both now and in the future. One of the worst things you can do is to buy a product that suits you now, but in a couple months, you will end up discarding it because it no longer serves its purpose. For example, a weight rack maybe rated with a lesser weight capacity, and then you find after four or five months, that you now need to be able to hold more weight than it was built for. So when you are looking at gear for your gym or garage, be sure to consider its usable life.

3. Pricing
Pricing is very important, but do not overlook quality. Sometimes you may save a couple of dollars and find that your new Crossfit Equipment breaks after a couple of uses. Be sure to read the reviews. We have tried to screen out inferior products, but manufacturing standards can change and users may have different experiences. Be sure to compare the price to the quality and establish what your real need is. Were possible, we have put if the item is on sale or on special. We will note these items as well by sending out mailings to notify you of any special deals.

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Be sure to read our blog as we will update you on our progress as we do our WODs and pursue life with Crossfit.

As you explore this site, we welcome your comments and reviews of any Crossfit equipment we have listed.  Your reviews and participation will help others find the right Crossfit Equipment for them.

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